Peggy Bair, photojournalist

 “REal life never goes out of style.” 


The paintbrush of photography is: light.

You can find it - or make it. Regardless of which one, this is the main thing any photojournalist must master. Its quality, direction and balance with shadows and details defines every image - and separates a snapshot from a photo story.

The camera is an empty canvas - where a photojournalist applies the elements of lines, shapes and...action.

Action is the decisive moments - often referred to in photojournalism as "da moment" - that fleeting decisive capture - juxtaposing subjects with storytelling backgrounds or details. These actions often pass in less than the blink of an eye. 

Moments can be created - or we can let real life moments unfold organically. The former are - in photojournalism terms - called portraits. The latter, however, are reflections of our true inner beauty - what surprises us, what tickles us, our true feelings in the moments we are experiencing. 

Lights, CAmera, Action.

Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans
- Allen Saunders

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madrid, spain

november 7-10, 2018

Front porches, pan-fried chicken and a sweaty glass of iced tea is how it all started. I grew up in a small town, Midwestern neighborhood filled with older folks. I would wander over to their porches on lazy, summer nights to sit and listen to them talk about their lives. Sometimes they would invite me in for dinner. It was a pre-Anthony Bourdain style of story-gathering - that led to - eventually - a career in journalism for me, later in life. Food - conversation - listening, laughing, soaking in real life stories. From birth to elder, we all have a journey. What is your story? I'm looking. I'm listening. 

all these things that i love

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Let's have a conversation and look at photos together while we talk about your plans. Now booking corporate events and wedding couples who want to engage in a photojournalism storytelling style of preserving real moments in real time with minimal portraits or group photos.